5000 Meters Remote Control Switch Kit for DC 12V 24V Linear Actuator (Model: 0020105)

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Package Include:
1 x Receiver: S2PUW-DC-ANT3
1 x Transmitter: CC-2 or CCW-2
1 x User manual

This long distance 5000 meters DC power 12V 24V waterproof wireless remote control switch kit with RF transmitter and 2 channels 30A relay output radio receiver.
This kit can long range wireless remote control the extension and retraction of the electric linear actuator.

Wireless control, easy to install.
Super long working range: With the transmitter forming a complete set, the maximum working distance may reach 5000 meters in an open area.
Waterproof: The receiver has waterproof case and waterproof connector, it can be installed outdoors.
Two operating voltage versions: DC 12V, 24V optional.
Relay Output: This receiver is dry relay output, it can be used to operate both DC and AC equipment. The output terminals are NO / NC (normally open / normally closed), serving as a switch.
High Power: Each channel can work at maximum load current 30A.
With external antenna, the receiver has a farther working range.
The transmitter / remote can control the receiver from any place within a reliable working distance.
The wireless RF signal from the transmitter can pass through walls, floors, doors or windows, but it will lose some operating range.
The receiver has reverse power protection and over current protection built in.
The receiver only works with the selected transmitter which is matched to the receiver.
One or more transmitters / remotes can control one or several receivers simultaneously.
Two or more receivers may be used in the same area.

Feedback Function:
The receiver and the transmitter have a Two-way working mode, so the user can know the working status of the receiver by the transmitter.
Two-way working mode: When the receiver is successfully triggered by the signal from the transmitter, it will immediately transmit a feedback signal to the transmitter. When the transmitter receives this signal, it will send out a buzzing sound to inform you that the receiver has been successfully triggered.

Receiver Parameters:
Model No.: S2PUW-DC
Operating Voltage: 12±1VDC (model S2PUW-DC12), or 24±2VDC (model S2PUW-DC24), the operating voltage must be specified when ordering.
Working Frequency: 433.92 MHz
Quiescent Current: ≤6mA
Channel: 2 CH
Output Type: Dry Relays Output (Normally Open and Normally Closed)
Maximum Load Voltage of Relay: 240VAC or 28VDC
Maximum Load Current of Relay: 30A / each channel
Wire Range of Terminals: 22-12AWG
3 Selectable Modes: Self-locking, Momentary, Interlocking
Operating Temperature: -20°C ~ +70°C
PCB size: 140 x 73 x 18 mm (5.5 x 2.9 x 0.7 inches)
Case size: 192 x 100 x 45 mm (7.6 x 4.0 x 1.8 inches)

Transmitter Parameters:
Model: 0021061 (CC-2)
Channel / Button: 2
Button Symbol: A, B
Operating Voltage: 9V (1 x 6F22-9V battery, can be used for 12 months)
Quiescent Current: 5μA
Working Current: 65mA (when the transmitter is transmitting the signal), 16mA( when the transmitter is receiving the signal).
Operating Frequency: 433.92 MHz
Modulation Mode: FSK + LORA
Feedback indication: buzzing sound
Transmitting Distance: 5000 meters / 15000 feet (theoretically)
With power switch on the side.
Unit Size: 135 x 42 x 25 mm (5.3 x 1.7 x 1.0 inches)

Matching Transmitters:
This receiver only works with 5000 meters transmitters, such as model CC-2 (5000 meters / 15000 ft range) or CCW-2 (waterproof, 5000 meters / 15000 ft range).

Working Range:
With the transmitter (such as CC-2) forming a complete set, the maximum working distance may reach 5000 meters in an open area.
The maximum working distance is based on theoretical data which would be without barriers and without any RF interference. In practice, it will be hindered by trees, walls or other construction, and will be interfered with by other wireless signals. Therefore, the actual working distance may not reach this maximum distance.

If you want to control a electric linear actuator, do as following:
1) Connect the positive pole of DC power supply to terminal "L/+" and two terminals "B" of the receiver;
2) Connect the negative pole of DC power supply to terminal "N/-" and two terminals "C" of the receiver;
3) Connect two wires of electric linear actuator to two terminals “A” of the receiver, and you can exchange these two wires to change the moving direction of linear actuator.

Setting Momentary mode: Turn off the second bit and the third bit of the dip switch.
Press and hold button A on the transmitter: The linear actuator extends outward.
Release button A: The linear actuator stops extending outward.

Press and hold button B on the transmitter: The linear actuator retracts inward.
Release button B: The linear actuator stops retracting inward.