DC 12V 10A Power Supply - AC to DC Converter (Model: 0010130)

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High Quality 12V DC Power Supply Adapter suitable for any device that requires stable 12VDC power. such as LCD Screens, Audio and Video Devices, Digital Media, Hard Drives, Computer Peripherals, Amplifiers, Radio receivers /switch , CAMERA , networking HUB,12V MP3/MP4, 12V Lamps, Electronic toys, Router, and many more.

Product parameters:
Model: 0010130 (12V/10A DC power adapter)
AC-DC power adapter (AC to DC converter)
Input voltage: AC100~240V
Output voltage: DC 12V
Maximum output current: 10A
DC Connector Size: 5.5mm (outer diameter) x 2.1mm (inner diameter)
Within: positive pole; outer: negative pole

Notice: This DC power adapter has 4 kinds of AC plugs, including American (US), British (UK), European (EU), Australian (AU). Please choose a reasonable AC plug in accordance with your needs.