DC12V 24V Heavy Duty Electric Linear Actuator 6000N 1300 lbs (Model: 0041541)

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Mainly used for cars, trucks, lifting platforms, automatic lifting vehicles, harvesters, sanitation trucks, electric beds, medical chairs, electric devices, automatic lifting machinery and so on. It can push, pull, lift and descend other devices.

High quality
Generating linear motion
Start with DC motor
Heavy duty design
Low power consumption
Low noise design
Including wiring, pre-installed
Identical extending or retracting
Two built-in limit switches to prevent over-extension and over-compression
After off or stop, it can automatically lock
All-metal housing and high strength wear-resistant gear

Working voltage: DC 12V or DC 24V
Speed: 5mm±1mm/second, or 10mm±2mm/second, or 15mm±3mm/second, or 20mm±4mm/second, or 30mm±6mm/second
Power supply: You should use a 200W or higher power adapter to power this actuator, such as our model 0010128 (12V/240W), 0010129 (12V/360W), 0010140 (24V/240W), 0010144 (24V/480W).
Shaft diameter: 28mm
Mounting holes diameter: 13mm
Environment temperature: -26℃ to 85℃
Noise level: lower than 42dB
IP rating: IP65

Stroke Length (mm) 100 200 300 400 500 600
Retracted Length (mm) 357 457 557 657 757 857
Extended Length (mm) 457 657 857 1057 1257 1457

Relationship between maximum load capacity and speed:
Speed 5mm/s 10mm/s 15mm/s 20mm/s 30mm/s
Maximum load 6000N / 1300 lbs / 600 Kg 5000N / 1100 lbs / 500Kg 4000N / 900 lbs / 400 Kg 3000N / 600 lbs / 300 Kg 2000N / 400 lbs / 200Kg