Wireless Automatic Remote Control Your Pump From up to 3 Miles Away

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Benefits of Automatic Wireless Remote Control Pump
Original control pump required trenching to lay new wire, repairing old wire, or replacing stolen copper wire can be extremely expensive.
But our Wireless Remote Control Switch Kit simply replaces the control wire that would normally Connect the float switch or pressure switch, water level sensor to the wireless RF remote control(transmitter), eliminating the need to trench or purchase large amounts of expensive wire.

Product Suggestions for Automatic Wireless Remote Control Pump:
Long Range 5000 Meters: Long Range Wireless Remote Control Switch Kit (Model: 0020520)

Medium Range 2000 Meters: Medium Range Wireless Remote Control Switch Kit (Model: 0020525)

Features and Operations:
Connect a dry contact (e.g. float switch, water level sensor, or other mechanical switch) at your storage tank to the transmitter.
Connect AC power supply to the intput terminals of the receiver.
Connect two wires of the AC pump to the output terminals of the receiver.
For locations without a power source use our A Complete Solar Power Kits DC 12V 10 Watt.
Performance Guaranteed.