Chain Style Electric Window Opener

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If you want a DC 24V 3A power adapter for chain style electric window opener, Please click here to buy.

Electric window opener is suitable for sliding windows, casement window, velux and skylight windows, greenhouse vents, skylights, etc. It can be used for releasing smoke or allowing fresh air to circulate. Suitable for homes, offices, conservatories, sunrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, factories, warehouses.

Exquisite appearance design and small footprint
Quick and easy installation
Low noise design and quiet operation
Provide installation accessories
Overload protection
Double layers stainless metal chain and aluminum housing designed for long-term use.
Used for top hung windows, bottom hung windows, casement windows, skylights.
It can be operated by remote control switch, timer switch, wall switch, mobile APP controller and other controller.
It can be connected to a rain sensor for automatic window closing.
The locking force after closing the window is greater than 2000N, which meets the airtight requirements.
Multiple stroke options, from 300 mm to 1000 mm

Working voltage: DC 24V
Working current: about 1.2A
Rated Power: 28W
Speed: 10-15 mm/s
Suitable window width: 0.47m-1.5m
Max thrust force: 600N
Stroke range: 300 mm ~ 1000 mm or 12 inches ~ 40 inches
Environment temperature: -26℃ to 85℃
IP rating: IP32

Stroke and length sheet:
Stroke  300MM  400MM  500MM  600MM  700MM  800MM  1000MM 
Length  420MM  470MM  520MM  570MM  620MM  670MM  770MM 

Installation method:
1. Find the centerline of the window.
2. Use a 3.8MM drill bit to drill two holes on the window sash.
3. Fix the U-shaped bracket with 2 dovetail self-tapping screws.
4. Fix the L-shaped brackets on the window opener with a hexagonal screw by a No. 10 wrench, and the direction of the bracket can be inward or outward.
5. Fix the window opener on the U-shaped brackets.
6. Tighten the nut cover with two No. 8 wrenches.
7. Use 4 dovetail self-tapping screws to fix the L-bracket installed on the window opener to the window frame.
8. Fix the L-shaped bracket on the window opener with a hexagonal screw by a No. 10 wrench.

1. If the window is larger or heavier, you can use two window openers at the same time.
2. You may use our remote control switch to wirelessly operate window opener. For more details, please visit remote control switches page.

Connect the DC power supply to the window opener, and the chain extends outward, and the window is opened.
Switch the DC power supply in the opposite direction, the chain retracts inward, and the window is closed.

The Chain Style Electric Window Opener is the customized products, we need to produce them according to the specified parameters in your order, so that we do not accept returns or cancel orders. If customers order unsuitable linear actuators themselves, we also do not accept exchanges, please understand.