Strong Industrial Waterproof Long Range RF Remote Control / Transmitter Two Buttons (Model: 0021086)

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This transmitter is an industrial type remote control. It has a strong waterproof case for outdoor use, and it has larger buttons for easy operation. It also has ultra-long working distance, its ideal working distance can reach more than 1000 meters or 3000 feet, which is an excellent device for remote control and long distance communication.
It and the receiver form a receiver transmitter system. This system may be used in all types of industry automation, agriculture, home, factory, house, farm, vehicle, ship, offshore operations, aerial vehicle, etc. It can remote control equipment on land, water and air, such as remote control of lights, sirens, locks, motors, fans, winches, blinds, linear actuators, doors, windows, electric solenoid valves, security alarm, and business signs. The applications are endless.

Super Long Working Range:
With the receiver forming a complete set, the maximum working distance may reach 1000 meters or 3000 feet in an open area.
The maximum working distance is a theoretical data, it shall be operated in an open ground, no barriers, no any interference. But in the practice, it will be hindered by trees, walls or other constructions, and will be interfered by other wireless signals. Therefore, the actual distance may not reach this maximum working distance.

Matching Receivers:
This transmitter can work with most of our receivers except 5000 meters receiver.

Model No.: 0021086 (CD-2)
Channel / Button: 2
Button Symbol: 1, 2
With waterproof case, waterproof antenna and waterproof buttons, it can be used outdoors.
Operating Voltage: 9V (1 x 6F22-9V battery, can be used for 12 months)
Operating Current: 30mA
Operating Frequency: 433.92 MHz
Modulation Mode: ASK
Encoding Chip: SC2260-R4
Encoding Type: Fixed code by soldering, up to 6561 codes
Transmitting Distance: 1000 meters / 3000 feet (theoretically)
Operating Temperature: -20°C ~ +70°C
Unit Size: 150 x 50 x 30 mm (5.9 x 2.0 x 1.2 inches)

Replace the transmitter's battery if the transmitter's signal LED is weak or the working distance is shorter.