12 Channel Wireless RF Remote Control Fireworks Ignite Firing System (Model: 0020527)

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Package Include:
1 x Ignition controller: S12PS1-ANT1
1 x Remote control: CP-12L
1 x User manual

Wireless control, easy to install.
It can ignite various kinds of electronic fireworks directly, or ordinary fireworks through an electric ignition head, which reduces accidents like skin burn and accidental explosions.
Each channel of ignition controller can ignite several fireworks at the same time.
The ignition controller can be operated by remote control from any place within a reliable distance; wireless signal can pass through walls, floors, doors or windows, but the operating range will be shortened.
With external telescopic antenna, the ignition controller has a farther working range.
With waterproof case

Model No.: S12PS1-ANT1
Power Supply (Operating Voltage): AC 220V or AC 110V or DC 12V battery
Power Output: DC 36V~50V
Channel: 12 Way
Operating Temperature: -20℃ to +70℃
Case size: 280mm x 230mm x 100mm

Remote Control (Transmitter):
Model No.: CP-12L
Power Supply: 1 x 23A -12V battery
Button: 12 buttons
Remote Control Distance: 500 meters / 1500ft (theoretically)
Unit Size: 119mm x 37mm x 13mm

Working Range:
With a transmitter (such as CP-12L) to form a complete set, the maximum working distance can reach 500 meters in an open ground.
The maximum working distance is a theoretical data, it shall be operated in an open ground, no barriers, no any interference. But in the practice, it will be hindered by trees, walls or other constructions, and will be interfered by other wireless signals. Therefore, the actual distance may not reach this maximum working distance.

1. Connect the receiver (igniters) to a power supply of AC 110V or AC 220V or DC 12V.
2. Toggle the transfer switch to the "Test" position, and turn on the power switch on the receiver (igniters). The voltage is above 36V in the Voltmeter.
3. Connect fireworks to the black/red terminals in series or in parallel. (Suggest the series connection)
4. The LED of test indicator shines after fireworks connection, it means that the connections are correct.
5. After test, Toggle the transfer switch to the "Fire" position, press corresponding buttons on ignitor or buttons on transmitter to ignite fireworks directly.