1500M 433Mhz Wireless RF Signal Repeater or Booster (Model: 0010002)

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Package Include:
1 x Signal repeater: R-02
1 x User manual

The signal repeater or signal booster is a equipment for receiving and transmitting RF signals. It receives weak wireless signal and then send out this wireless signal with strong power to extend the transmission distance.
For Wireless Remote Control and RF Switch
Support three coding chips of the transmitter: 1527, PT2262 and PT2240.
Support multiple signal modes: 1527/180K, 1527/300K, PT2262/1.2M, PT2262/2.2M, PT2262/3.3M, PT2262/4.7M, PT2240/1.5M, you need to set the repeater to the corresponding mode according to your signal.
The repeater has learning function, it can learn and store 100 different transmitter signals.
The repeater can only relays signals that have already been learned, avoiding other unrelated signals.
This repeater is not compatible with our 5000 meters series of receivers and transmitters.

Working frequency: 433.92MHz
Working voltage: DC 12V
Standby current: 30mA
Working current: <255mA
Receiving sensitivity: -108dBm
Transmission power: 500mW
Transmission distance: 1500 meters in the open area

"POWER" LED: The power indicator.
"SEND" LED: The relay indicator. When the signal is relayed, the LED will illuminate.

8 Gang DIP switch: Each gang has on and off status, and the instruction as below,
1-gang: ON position = Signal of PT2262/1.2M; OFF position = No function.
2-gang: ON position = Signal of 1527/180K, PT2262/2.2M or PT2240B/1.5M; OFF position = No function.
3-gang: ON position = Signal of PT2262/3.3M; OFF position = No function.
4-gang: ON position = Signal of 1527/300K, PT2262/4.7M; OFF position = No function.
5-gang: ON position = Signal transmission time 3~5 seconds; OFF position = Signal transmission time 1.5 seconds.
6-gang: ON position = Only relay signals that have been learned; OFF position = Relay all signals.
7-gang: ON position = Learning signal status; OFF position = Normal working status.
8-gang: ON position = Testing function (the repeater continuously transmits a signal of PT2262/1.2M; OFF position = Normal working status.

1) Install two antennas to the repeater.
2) Connect to DC12V power supply to the repeater, and the "POWER" LED will be on.
3) Select the right signal mode by 1-gang to 4-gang. (Note: Only one gang can be set to the ON position at the same time.)
4) Learn the signals that need to be relayed: Turn 6-gang and 7-gang to ON Position, then trigger the transmitter, if the "SEND" ELD flashed twice, it means learning is successful. After learning all transmitters, turn 7-gang to OFF position.
5) Put the repeater in the right position between transmitter and receiver.

Delete all transmitters:
If you don’t want the repeater to work with the transmitter, you can delete all codes of transmitters, which are stored in the repeater.
Operation: Turn off the power of the repeater, and turn 7-gang and 8-gang to ON position, then turn on the power of the repeater, if the "SEND" LED flashed 3 times, that means all stored codes have been deleted successfully.

1) Must turn 7-gang and 8-gang to OFF position after deleting the transmitters.
2) Two antennas must be mounted upwards, and do not near the wall or metal equipment.
3) The repeater is not waterproof.
4) The repeater must work at a DC12V power adapter with the current more than 300mA.