Application of Electric Linear Actuator - TV Lifting Cabinet

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Lifting and lowering of TV cabinet through smooth and quiet extension and retraction movement of electric linear actuator.
TV Lifting Cabinet suitable for all your media gear including flat-screen television, cable box, Blu-Ray player, and game box. The innovative lift system raises and lowers by wireless remote control concealing the television when not in use, whilst hiding your TV out of sight.

The benefits of using a TV Lift Cabinet
1) Saves you space: When the TV is not in use it is hidden away out of sight and that then leaves potential wall space for other things like wall art
2) Ergonomic: TV Lifts mechanisms have the ability to set the desired viewing height to whatever you would like, this makes watching TV more comfortable by having the ability to change its height on the fly. You can even set a pre-determined height so that the TV lifts up to a specific position every time if you like.
3) Clean: Since the TV is hidden away out of sight when not in use this also prevents the TV from getting dusty and dirty.
4) Flexibility: TV lift cabinets can easily be moved around the home if the cabinet is placed on caster wheels. simply roll it into place.