Remote Control DC Motor By RF Wireless Remote Control Switch

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Motor can be applied to conveyors, awnings, winches, electrically operated doors / windows / blinds or other electrical devices. Generally we use motor remote control switch to remote control Motor reverse and positive rotation. Easy wire connection makes it easy to operate. But if you just have simple rf remote controls, is it possible to use them to reverse the motor? The answer is yes. Here take dc motor for example.

Firstly you need to prepare:
1 x 1 channel RF remote control switch (S1FU-DC12)
1 x 3-button transmitter
1 x DC12v power adapters
Some lines

Secondly, see the wiring images below:
1) Connect the two wires of the DC motor to the two terminals "B" of the receiver, You can exchange motor's two wires to change the rotating direction of motor.
2) Connect the positive pole of DC power supply to terminal “ ” of the receiver, and connect the negative pole of DC power supply to terminal “-” of the receiver.

Finally, connect and change the receiver's working mode and operation process, please watch the video below: