12V 24V 110V 220V 2" 2-Way Brass Electric Solenoid Valve (Model: 0022108)

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1× 2" electric solenoid valve
1× use manual

This DC 12 volt 24V or AC 110V 220V 2 inch female threaded two-way normally closed (N.C.) type electric solenoid valve.
Commonly use in Irrigation, Fountains, Water Filtration, Solar Heating, Aquariums, Automotive, Beer Brewing, Hydroponics and plumbing fixtures.
It works across various media, such as hot water, gas, air, water, diesel, gasoline, weak acids, weak alkali, low viscosity fluids.
Cannot be used in strong acids, strong bases.
It can be mounted vertically or horizontally, and features a conveniently positioned arrow on the body to indication the direction of flow. It should not be mounted upside down, with the coil underneath the valve.

Product Parameters
Model: 0022108
Working Voltage: DC 12V, DC 24V, AC 220V, AC 110V optional
Power: 24W
Pipe size: 2 "
Thread type: G2 "
Internal diameter: 58MM
solenoid valve type: Normally Closed (N.C.) (power on, solenoid valve open; power off, solenoid valve close)
Working Temperature: -10°C to +100°C
Operating Pressure: 0~1.0Mpa (0~10kg/cm²)
Material of valve body and coil: 100% Brass
Note: DC 12V or 24V solenoid valve needs to work with a power adapter of 2A or above.