500 Meters 433MHz 4 Buttons Wireless RF Remote Control or Transmitter (Model: 0021012)

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This wireless RF transmitter is a 4 buttons long range remote control. It has long working distance, ultra-high receiving sensitivity, superior anti-interference ability, and smaller power consumption.
It and the wireless RF receiver form a wireless control system. This system may be used in all types of industry automation, agriculture, home, factory, farm, vehicle, ship, offshore operations, etc.
For example remote control lamp/light, fan, motor, pump, solenoid valve, electric linear actuator, door lock, lawn mower, heater, air conditioner, window blinds, winch, gates, curtains, etc.

Long Working Range:
With the receiver forming a complete set, the maximum working distance may reach 500 meters in an open area.
The maximum working distance is a theoretical data, it shall be operated in an open ground, no barriers, no any interference. But in the practice, it will be hindered by trees, walls or other constructions, and will be interfered by other wireless signals. Therefore, the actual distance may not reach this maximum working distance.

Model No.: 0021012 (CP-4)
Channel/Button: 4
Button Symbol: A, B, C, D
Operating Voltage: 12V (1 x 23A -12V battery, can be used for 12 months)
Operating Current: 8mA
Operating Frequency: 433 MHz
Transmitting Distance: 500m / 1500ft (theoretically)
Modulation Mode: ASK
Operating Temperature: -20 ° C to +70 ° C
Unit Size: 90mm x 40mm x 14mm