Cross Rocker Switch Two-Way Self-Reset for DC Motor (Model: 0043091)

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Cross rocker switch for motor CW-CCW rotation.
Suitable for controlling the forward and reverse rotation of DC motors.
Operating voltage range: DC 3V ~ 48V
Maximum Load current: 30A at 12V / 24V
Control method: Rocker
Switch Type: 2 Position, Self-reset
Main Function: Front (Forward) – Center (Stop) – Back (Reverse)
With a 50CM 0.75 square millimeters four-core cable
Internal cables are pre-wired
Operating Temperature: -25°C to +85°C
Shell material: Aluminum alloy housing, Flame retardant ABS cover
Protection class: IP54
Case size: 140 x 98 x 66 mm (5.5 x 3.9 x 2.6 inches)

1) Connect DC power supply to red and black wires of rocker switch.
2) Connect DC motor to green and yellow wires of rocker switch.

Operation for DC motor:
1) Push the handle forward, the motor rotates in positive direction.
2) Release the handle and it automatically returns to the center position, the motor stops.
3) Push the handle backward, the motor rotates in reversal direction.