DC 450Ibs Electric Linear Actuator Stroke 1.2 inch With Built-in Potentiometer (Model: 0041661)

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1) This product does not contain a mounting brackets; It compatible Bracket A and Bracket C, if you need it, please click here.
2) If you need DC power supply for linear actuator, please click here.
3) If you need external limit switch for linear actuator, please click here.
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Mainly used for doors, windows, cellars, trapdoors, solar tracking system, medical devices, agricultural machinery, vehicles, ships, elevator platforms, lifting tables, TV lifts, robots, cabinetries, massage sofas, electric beds, medical chairs and other electrical equipment. It can open, close, push, pull, lift and descend these devices.
It can replace hydraulic and pneumatic products to save power consumption.

High-quality products and high-quality services
New housing design, high working stability
Metal housing, able to work in very harsh environments
Metal gearbox, high strength wear-resistant gear
Aluminum alloy telescopic tube and outer tube, good corrosion resistant
Heavy duty design, high-power DC motor
Strong thrust, up to 2000N / 200 Kgs / 450 lbs
Multiple speed options, from 5 mm/second to 160 mm/second
Multiple stroke options, from 10 mm to 1500 mm
With a built-in potentiometer
Advanced waterproof and dustproof technology
Low power consumption and low noise
Built-in two limit switches, linear actuator will automatically stop when stroke rod reaches the limit position.
Automatically lock after stopping, and no power supply is required.

Optional working voltage: DC 12V or DC 24V. Unless you only have 12V power supply available, we recommend you choose the linear actuator with 24V working voltage.
Stroke range: 1.2 inches or 30 mm
Optional speed: 5±1mm/s, 10±2mm/s, 15±3mm/s, 20±4mm/s, 30±5mm/s, 50±10mm/s, 100±15mm/s, 160±20mm/s
The above is the speed at no load, and the actual working speed will gradually slow down as the load increases.
Max Load capacity: 2000N / 200 Kgs / 450 lbs at 5mm/s
Linear actuator can get maximum load capacity when it operates in the vertical direction, and the pulling force is less than pushing force.
No-load current: 0.5~1A at 12V or 0.3~0.5A at 24V
Full load current: 3~6A at 12V or 1.5~3A at 24V
Please use a 12V/6A or 24V/3A power supply to power a linear actuator or use a 12V/10A or 24V/5A power supply to power two linear actuators, or use a 12V/20A or 24V/10A power supply to power four linear actuators.
Shaft diameter: 20mm
Mounting holes diameter: 6mm
Housing material: Aluminum Alloy
Stroke rod material: Aluminum Alloy
Gear material: Steel Alloy
Motor type: Brushed DC Motor
Built-in potentiometer: 10K (You can specify other resistance values)
Duty Cycle: 20%, max 5mins continuous use
Cable: Five-core Cable (Two power wires and three potentiometer output wires)
Certifications: CE
Environment temperature: -26℃ to 85℃
Operating noise: about 46dB~56dB (Linear actuators with different parameters will have different noise levels.)
IP rating: IP65

The electric linear actuator has a five-core cable.
1) The red and black lines are two power lines of the electric linear actuator.
Connect the DC power supply to two power wires of the electric linear actuator. When linear actuator is connected to DC power supply, the stroke rod will extend outward; after switching the power in the reverse direction, the stroke rod will retract inward.
The direction of movement of the stroke rod can be changed by switching the polarity of DC power supply.

2) The white, blue and yellow wires are the three output wires of the potentiometer.
The blue and yellow wires are connected to the two terminals of the potentiometer, it is a fixed resistance value.
When the stroke rod is extended outwards, the resistance between the white and blue wires will decrease accordingly, and the resistance between the white and yellow wires will increase accordingly.
When the stroke rod is retracted inward, the resistance between the white and blue wires will increase accordingly, and the resistance between the white and yellow wires will decrease accordingly.


Thrust and speed sheet

Speed Thrust
5mm/s 2000N  /  200 kg  /  450 lbs
10mm/s 1000N  /  100 kg  /  200 lbs
15mm/s 800N  /  80 kg  /  180 lbs
20mm/s 700N  /  70 kg  /  160 lbs
30mm/s 500N  /  50 kg  /  110 lbs
50mm/s 300N  /  30 kg  /  60 lbs
100mm/s 150N  /  15 kg  /  30 lbs
160mm/s 100N  /  10 kg  /  20 lbs

1. The above data is the maximum load capacity that can be obtained when the linear actuator runs in the vertical direction. If the weight of your equipment (such as a cellar door) is 100kg, and you want to use a linear actuator to open this door, you need to calculate the actual force acting on the linear actuator according to your installation method. This force is usually 2-5 times the weight of the cellar door. If you don't know how to calculate it, please contact us for help.
2. The above is the speed at no load, and the actual working speed will gradually slow down as the load increases.
3. Different speeds correspond to different maximum loads. Please select the right speed according to the speed and maximum load you need.
4. Don't keep the linear actuator working under the maximum load, we recommend letting it work at about half of the maximum load to get a longer working life.
5. When the speed of the linear actuator is 100mm/s or 160mm/s, the self-locking force is much smaller than the thrust. At other speeds the self-locking force is greater than the thrust.

The Linear Actuators are the customized products, we need to produce them according to the specified parameters in your order, so that we do not accept returns or cancel orders. If customers order unsuitable linear actuators themselves, we also do not accept exchanges, please understand.