Normally Open Type PP Material Float Switch Water Level Sensor (Model: 0025020)

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Application:It usually can be used for drinking fountains, water heaters, solar energy, air conditioning, humidifiers, bathroom equipment, sales machines, fuel tanks, water towers, chemical liquid level control and so on. There is a wide range of applications, such as automotive, industrial and agricultural equipment, home appliances.

Model No.: 0025020
Body Material: PP
Float Material: PP
Type: Normally Open
Operating Temperature: -20~80℃
Max. Voltage: DC 100V
Max. Current: 0.5A
Max. Power: 10W
Cable Length: 30CM
Size: 18mm x 18mm x 37mm

Working principle:
Water level control switch is mainly composed of a dry reed switch and a floating ball. The floating ball has magnetic material. A dry reed switch is set inside the sealed plastic tube, and then the tube is passed through the floating ball. The floating ball rises or falls with the liquid, and when the floating ball is closed to the dry reed switch, two lines on the water level control switch are connected; when the floating ball leaves, two lines on the water level control switch are disconnected.

1. The float switch uses a small dry reed switch, which can withstand a small current. If you want to connect a high power device, you need to use an external relay.
2. The water level control switch must be installed vertically.